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Niq Ruud is a young pastor presently working at Revive Church in Prescott, Arizona. His forthcoming book, Only Love: How Everything Was, Is, and Will Be, first acts apologetically towards God’s character and advocates for it being only love. The second half deals with what it means for humans to be image-bearers of such love and is intended to aid in the progression towards a more open-minded view of God and, subsequently, a more inclusive view of each other.

Niq first attended Walla Walla University, earning a bachelor’s degree in religion, then graduated from Grand Canyon Theological Seminary where his research centered on change leadership in religion. Niq’s other interests include eschatology, world religions, systematic theologies, intergenerational ministry, diversity, religious pluralism, and gravitate around the dynamic relationship between God and humankind. 

In his 2016 TEDx talk, which has over a quarter-million views online, Niq spoke about the benefits of solitude to productivity and personal peace and co-hosts The Young Project Podcast, which aims to empower young people to act against the stagnant nature of Christianity.

A Pacific Northwest native, Niq enjoys alpine climbing, skiing, surfing, sailing, cycling, eating all kinds of food, and laughing alongside his wife, Jo. He also loves Legos, the Star Wars franchise, and Marvel films which he, sadly, does not enjoy alongside his wife because, well, she does not enjoy them. In fact, she makes fun of him for loving them—calling him a child—it stings a little bit. But, if you like those kinds of things, you connect with him on social media @niqruud so that he has a friend to commiserate with. 

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