Hello again, I’m Niq . . .

(Yup, that’s me down there.)

The funky spelling is my dad’s fault, but it’s just pronounced like your favorite Christmas saint. I grew up in the good ole Pacific Northwest which means I like doing stuff outside—alpine climbing, sailing, surfing, skiing, cycling, et cetera.

I studied religion in college (Walla Walla University), worked as a pastor while I went to seminary (Grand Canyon Theological Seminary), and now I’m a postgrad studying the intersectionality between philosophy, science, and religion (University of Edinburgh). I’m interested in lots of things, including religious pluralism, philosophy of science and religion, eschatology, diversity, and ethics, which all gravitate around the human perception of God.

I wrote a book about God too, it’s called Only Love: How Everything Was, Is, and Will Be. It basically advocates for a more open-minded view of God and, subsequently, a more inclusive view of each other. I like it. You might too.

I also like to have fun.

Don’t believe me? Here are some photos of me having fun.


So fun.

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